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NIR-analysis of tobacco using SentroProc NIR

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1. Objective
Using the measurement mode of diffuse reflection in the near infrared range we have determined important parameters of tabacco. These parameters are: Alcaloids (A), carbon (C), polyphenol (P), citrus acid (CIT), total alcaloid (AT) and nitrogen (NT). These parameters should be used to control the quality of tabacco.

2. Hardware and sample preparation
The measurement were realized with the SentroProc NIR QC connected to the reflection measuring head SentroHead via an optical fiber. The picture below shows the used configuration of the measuring head.

3. Experimental
There were 53 samples of tabacco for the measurement, representing the complete range of quality. The samples, which we put in petri dishes with a diameter of 10 cm, were analyzed with the SentroHead in difuse reflectance. The SentroHead was connected to the SentroProc NIR QC spectrometer with a spectral range of 900 – 1700 nm.

The minced sample material was filled in the petri dishes without any extra preparation. The petri dish was filled up to the limit with a horizontal plane area, so the measuring distance of 50 mm was guaranteed.

The integration time per single measurement was 200 ms. With meaning of 150 spectra a complete measurement took 30 s. Each sample was measured three times and the spectra had been saved automatically. After every measuring of 4 samples a new reference was taken.

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