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getSpec NIR 0117 standard - peltier cooled spectrometer with USB Interface for NIR Applications up to 1700 nm

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The getSpec NIR 0117 standard with USB interface is a complete NIR spectrometer with a Peltier-cooled InGaAs diode array detector on a PC card. The spectrometer has no flexible or adjustable parts and is completely maintenance-free. This guarantees a high degree of stability of the NIR calibrations models. High detector sensitivity and Peltier cooling of the InGaAs diode array also permit high speed measurements in the millisecond range.

Owing to the flexible fiberoptical coupling, the spectrometer can be used for various different applications in process analysis, mobile analysis or quality assurance. In connection with chemometric methods, it is well suited for quantitative as well as qualitative analysis.

In addition to the SPEC32 software that is included in delivery, a GRAMS®/32 package and a MyInstrument driver are available optionally. Using the driver the spectrometer can directly run under GRAMS®/32 software. This allows you to build your chemometric models for quantitative or qualitative analysis easily.

Dimensions & LED

Specifications getSpec NIR 0117 standardgetSpec NIR 0117 enhanced
Spectral range900 nm - 1700 nm
Customized ranges available
DetectorSingle stage TE-cooled InGaAs diode array (25°C from Tamb)
< 2% dropout pixel, 0% dropout on inquiry
Pixel size ( width x height)50 µm x 500 µm 25 µm x 500 µm
Pixel number256512
Spectral dispersionapprox. 3.12 nm / pixel approx. 1.56 nm / pixel
Spectral resolutionapprox. 6 nm approx. 3 nm
Stray light< 0.2%
Wavelength stability< 0.05 nm over 48 hours
Fiber optic connectorSMA connector, internal 400µm-LOH optical fiber
Integration time10 µs - 8 s
Detector sensitivity500 A/D counts/sec/pW @ 1200 nm
500 A/D counts/sec/pW @ 1450 nm
150 A/D counts/sec/pW @ 1650 nm
Photometric repeatability< 50 µAU, Variation between 100 data points,
Each point consists of 1000 samples (8 s accumulation)
Photometric stability< 0.5 mAU over 48 hours
Noise level13 µAU RMS (approx. 2 counts for 1024 point sample,
8 s accumulation, reference of 65,000 counts)
Signal-to-noise ratio32000:1
A/D converter16 bit, 330 kHz
Electrical interfacesTrigger input TTL, 2 digital TTL outputs
PC interfaceUSB2.0
Power requirements5VDC @ 0.6A, max. 3W
Dimensions16.5 cm / 6.535" x 5.6 cm / 2.205" x 10 cm / 4.173"
Weight1.5 kg

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