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getProbe 3302 SET - Integrating sphere with integrated Vis/NIR-light source

getProbe 3302 SET- for diffuse reflection measurements and low drift

The integrating sphere can be used for reflection measurements with diffuse halogen light as illumination and a direct collimated SMA measurement port for reflection signal to connect to a fiber optical spectrometer. The internal, stabilized and fan cooled halogen light source gives a high illumination light level with minimum drift.
Should you have questions concerning the technical specification; our application scientists will be pleased to consult you.

Wavelength range360 - 2500 nm
Internal diameter50 mm
Sample port diameter10 mm
Stability / Drift< 0,1 % / hrs
External dimensions70 mm diameter, 75 mm height

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getProbe 3302 SETIntegrating sphere with integrated halogen light source2110808000091

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