Reflection probe SentroProbe DR LS

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getProbe DR LS
Light source / Optics
Measurement geometry
Diiffuse reflectance
Light source
2 redundant tungsten light sources
0,5 - 4,5W, programmable
Lamp life time (each)
18 months - 5 years
(depending on operating conditions)
Wavelength range
Spot diameter
6 mm at sample window
Internal reference
PTFE based standard + wavelength reference
Detection fibre
SMA-port for single 400 or 600µm fibres, up to 100m
Probe electronics
Power supply
8 - 24 VDC, < 8W (standard configuration)
Control interface
EIA-485 (RS-485)
Lamp regulation
Power, voltage or current controlled, soft start
Additional functions
Lamp selection, reference switch control, probe temperature sensor, EEPROM stored ratio to external reference, operation hours counter
Process conditions
Probe tip temperature
0°C - 180°C
Environmental conditions
0°C - 60°C
Pressure range
0 - 40 Bar
Process connections
DIN- or ANSI flanges welded on the probe
Swagelok, other standard fittings
Materials and dimensions
Probe body material
Stainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 315L, polished Ra<0.2
Probe housing material
Aluminium anodized
Window material
Dimensions (mm)

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