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getSpec STD 5101 CIN - Reflectance Standard

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Short Description:
The getSpec STD 5101 CIN white reference tile is made out of a white diffuse PTFE based material, meeting the highest demands with regard to high grade diffuse reflectance. getSpec STD 5101 CIN is mostly used in colorimetric applications where a reference signal has to be obtained during a reflection measurement. Thanks to most accurate preparation of the PTFE and its processing to an amorphous structure, the tile reflects light from 350-1800 nm with ca 98% and from 250-2500 nm more than 92%. The material offers long term stability, even in UV applications. The plastic is hydrophobic and chemically inert.

Technical data:
getSpec STD 5101 CIN
Reflectivity: > 98% for 350-1800 nm range and > 92% in the range 250 – 2500 nm (see graph)
Temperature range: - 5░C - 280░C
Dimension tile: 44 mm diameter, 10 mm height
Housing: yellow anodized aluminium

User's tips:
To maintain the unique optical and reflectance properties of your getSpec STD 5101 CIN reflectance material, the following cleaning and handling procedures must be followed:
getSpec STD 5101 CIN is an optical standard and should be handled in much the same way as other optical standards. Although the material is very durable, care should be taken to prevent contaminants such as finger oils from contacting the material’s surface, because this causes a loss of reflectivity especially in the UV-region.
Always wear clean gloves when handling getSpec STD 5101 CIN!

Cleaning instructions:
If the material is lightly soiled, it may be air brushed with a jet of clean dry air or nitrogen. Do not use Freon.
For heavier soil, the material can be cleaned by using a ultrasonic bath with double distilled or deionised water for 2 hours at 40 to 60░C. After this dry the getSpec STD 5101 CIN piece at 60░C for a 12 hour period (if possible at a vacuum of 1 Torr or less, then purge the vacuum oven with clean dry air or nitrogen).

Caution!! Never use soap water, alcohol, organic or any other cleaners for getSpec STD 5101 CIN. This will cause a big loss of reflectivity in the UV-reflectance.

Should you have further questions concerning the technical specification; our application scientists will be pleased to consult you.

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