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Triggering the getSpec-NIR-spectrometer with the Spec32 software and the getLight-Hal-S light source

The getLight-Hal-S has an internal TTL shutter, that can be controlled from the Software Spec32, so the auto-save dark and auto-save reference option in the software can be used.
So it is not necessary manually to switch on and off the light source for dark and reference measurements.


Connect the spectrometer and the light source with the right trigger cable.


Start the software spec32


Open the setup-file Shutterautomatic.stp (you will find this file on the delivered CD for the software spec32)


Switch the lamp on TTL position.


Enable in the software “Shutter on”.


Activate “Acquire BG” The shutter will closed and taking a dark measurement


Enable “Acquire Reference” The shutter will open and taking a reference measurement


Push the button “Acquire REF and BG” The shutter will open and close and taking a reference and a dark measurement one after another.

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