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 getSpec NIR 0217 basic


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getSpec NIR 0117 basic - Temperature stabilized diode array NIR-Spectrometer with USB-interface up to 1700 nm

Request for information

The getSpec NIR 0117 basic spectrometer with USB interface is a compact spectrometer for your application in the Near Infrared range with a temperature stabilized InGaAs diode array detector. The spectrometer has no flexible, adjustable or moving parts and is that’s why completely maintenance-free.
High detector stability and the temperature stabilization also permit very fast measurements in the milliseconds range.
Due to it’s USB interface and its compact design this spectrometer is very well suited for mobile applications.
Owing to the flexible and customer specified coupling the spectrometer can be used for various different applications in process analysis, mobile analysis or quality assurance.
In addition to the free delivered SPEC32 Software, a GRAMS® 32 package and a MyInstrument driver are available. Using the driver the spectrometer can directly run under GRAMS® 32 Software. This allows to build up your own chemometric models.

Should you have questions concerning the technical specification; our application scientists will be pleased to consult you.

Dimension & LED

SpecificationsgetSpec NIR 0117 basic
Spectral range900 – 1700 nm (other on request)
DetectorInGaAs detector, temperature stabilized
Number of Pixels128
OpticsF / 2.0
Spectral dispersion6,25 nm / Pixel
Entrance fibre400 µm (LOH)
Input slit50 µm
Stray LightLess than 0,1 %
Wavelength StabilityLess than 0,05 nm over 48 hours
Photometric Repeatability+/- 0.15%
Fibre optic connectionSMA 905
Integration time6 µs – 500 ms
Electrical interfacesTTL-Trigger input, 2 digital TTL-outputs
PC requirementsWindows 2000 / XP
Power requirementsUSB 2.0
Dimensions16.5 cm / 6.535" x 5.6 cm / 2.205" x 10 cm / 4.173"
Weight1.5 kg

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