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Compact Modular Raman Spectrometer with a Helium-Neon Laser Excitation at 632nm

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The CDI Raman 632 is a robust miniature Raman spectrometer which will be delivered together with an external He-Ne-Laser (632nm). Owing to the lack of moving mechanical parts, the spectrometer is maintenance-free. An interface card or the USB interface connects it either to a notebook or a PC.

The thermo-electrically cooled and “backside illuminated CCD array” provides a very high signal-to-noise ratio. In order to enable the processing of weak Raman-signals as well, integration times of up to 167 seconds are adjustable. Different detector versions are available to fulfil various conditions in price and needs in optical resolution.

The spectrometer is designed for use in all typical Raman applications. Various Raman probes can be connected over SMA-connectors to the spectrometer. According to customer wishes, it is also possible to connect other fiber connectors. The internal fiber optics can be configurated as single fiber or as a fiber bundle to optimise efficiency. It depends on which probe has been chosen.

In addition to the CDISPEC software that is included in delivery, a GRAMS32 package and a MyInstrument driver are available optionally. Using the driver the spectrometer can directly run under GRAMS32 software. This allows you to build your chemometric models for quantitative or qualitative analysis easily.

Should you have questions concerning the technical specification; our application scientists will be pleased to consult you.

SpecificationsCDI Raman 632/ 512CDI Raman 632/ 1024
Measuring range200 - 3500 (Raman-Shift)
Raman detector"backside illuminated" CCD
Detector temperature at room conditionsThermo-electric cooling, up to -15░C / 5 ░F
Pixel number512 x 641024 x 64
Pixel size24 Ám x 24 Ám
Optical resolution12 wave numbers6 wave numbers
Laser excitation wavelength632 nm
Laser power17 mW
Integration time8 ms - 167 s
Fiber connectorsSMA, FC, and ST (on request)
Internal optical fibers200 Ám single fiber,
Optional 7 x 50 Ám round to linear fiber cable,
other fibers on request

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