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getLight-Hal-CAL - Spectral Calibration Source

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The getLight-Hal-CAL is a calibrated light source for the UV/VIS/NIR spectral range (200 - 1095nm). This NIST*-traceable calibrated light source is developed for use with all 2000-series spectrometers to be used in measuring absolute spectral intensity. The getLight-Hal-CAL comes with a cosine corrector and an SMA connector.

One calibration file can be used for irradiance calibration over the full range (200 - 1095nm). In that case both the Deuterium and the Halogen light need to be switeched on during the calibration. The other calibration file can be used for irradiance calibration over the VIS/NIR range (350 - 1095 nm). In that case only the Halogen light needs to be switched on which gives a more smooth and stable output around 655 nm and at higher wavelengths.

The calibration files can be imported in the AvaSoft-IRRAD. application software, developed to make your spectrometer system a spectroradiometer. The getLight-Hal-Cal cannot be used as an illumination source for spectral absorbance, transmittance and reflectance measurements.

Please note that you will need solarization-resistant fibers when using the getLight-Hal-CAL.

Should you have questions concerning the technical specification, our application scientists will be pleased to consult you.

Wavelength range200 - 1095 nm
Power supply230 V 50/60 Hz
Calibration accuracy▒ 15 %
Stability▒ 0,5 %
Calibration valid for60 hours
Time to stabilizeapprox. 30 min.
Bulb output (CC-3-CAL)approx. 80ÁW/cm2nm (@215 nm
approx. 3ÁW/cm2nm (@800 nm)

*NIST...National Institute of Standards and Technology

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