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getLight 3091 SET - Precalibrated Tungsten Halogen Light Source

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It is now possible to use our getLight 3091 SET for spectrometer calibrations in a wavenlength range between 400 - 2500nm. Thus enables calibrations of our getSpec-NIR spectrometers for irradiance measurements.

The getLight 3091 SET is a calibrated, compact light source for measurements in the visible and near infrared range. This tungsten halogen light source is well suited for measuring absolute spectral intensity. It is offered with a cosine corrector CC-UV/VIS in order to collect radiation light at 180°. The corrector is coupled to the glass fibers with SMA connectors. The getLight 3091 SET is fan-cooled, which increases the stability of the output significantly. The light source cannot be used as an illumination source for spectral absorbance, transmission and reflection measurements.

Technical specification
Power requirements24 VDC / 1.25 mA
Calibration stabilityapprox. 12%
Calibration validityapprox. 60 hours
Time to stabilizeapprox. 15 min.
Bulb output (CC-UV/VIS corrector)approx. 140 µW / cm2 nm (@ 800 nm)
Bulb life1500 hours
Color temperature2960 K
Dimensions132 x 110 x 44 mm

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