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Other Fiber Optic Accessory

The CC-UV/VIS cosine corrector is a spectro- radiometric sampling optic designed to collect radiation light.
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C-Mount Adapter
Assembly that connects to optical systems such as microscopes and telescopes.
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getSpec STD 5101 CIN
White reference tile for reflectance measurements.
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Hoch reflektierender, spiegelnder Reflexionsstandard
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Fiber Optic Mode Mixer
In line, 3 mm Suprasil rod connects two SMA fibers to mix core modes and eliminate clad mode (180 - 2100 nm).
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Collimating lens COL-UV/VIS and COL-UV/VIS-90
The lenses convert divergent beams of light into a parallel beam.

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Fiber Interconnects
The fiber interconnects may be useful for coupling patch cords to fiber optic probes and other devices.
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