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Process Raman Probe - Fiber Optic Coupled Raman Probe for Process Applications

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Due to its robust construction, the Process Raman Probe is very useful for reaction monitoring, for process control in manufacturing companies but also for process development . Based on a patented optics the process probe can be exposed to a maximum pressure of 207 bar and a maximum temperature of up to 500░C.

The Raman probe is connected to the spectrometer with 2 single fibers over SMA, FC or ST connectors.
It is available for various excitation wavelengths and provides an internal filtering. The focal distance of the saphirre window of the probe can be chosen to optimize efficiency for measurements in clear or scattered media.

Should you have questions concerning the technical specification; our application scientists will be pleased to consult you.

SpecificationsProcess Raman Probe
Measuring range200 - 3900 (Raman shift)
Excitation wavelengths532, 632, 670, 785 nm (others on request)
Focal distance (selectable)1 - 4 mm / 0.04" - 0.16", factory-fixed
Maximum temperature at the probe tipUp to 500░C / 932 ░F
Maximum pressureUp to 207 bar / 3000 psi
Optical fiber lengthStandard: 5 m / 16.4 ft;
Up to 200 m / 6.6 ft
Fiber configuration2 single fibers
Core diameter of the fiber optics100 Ám (single fiber),
200 Ám (measurement fiber)
Fiber optic connectorsSMA (standard), FC, ST (on request)
Probe materialStainless steel, windows made of saphirre
DimensionsTotal length of the probe: 250 mm / 9.84"
Diameter: 0.95 mm / 3/8"

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