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Immersibe RAMAN Probe

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The RAMANProbe II is a versatile fiber optic probe for immersion analysis based on the patented optics of the original RAMANProbe. The 8" long body and removable sleeve enable the probe to be immersed directly in solutions for true in situ analysis. The focal distance is selectable to optimize the measurement of dark or turbid solutions.
The standard immersion sleeve is made of stainless-steel with a sapphire window. Overall, the probe is 5/8" in diameter, small enough to fit inside typical laboratory-scale vessels. The sleeve can be quickly removed for routine measurement of neat solids or samples in bottles.

Should you require information about further possibilities of configuration, please do not hesitate to contact our application scientists.

Technical Specification:
Immersible RAMAN Probe 2
Measuring range200 - 3900 cm-1 (RAMAN shift)
Excitation wavelengths514, 532, 632, 670, 785, 830, 1064 nm
Focal distanceSliding immersion sleeve provides selectable working distance to optimize measurement of clear and turbid solutions, User-adjustable between 4 and 1 mm
Maximum temperatureEntire probe head can be heated to 200║C. Sapphire window sealed to stainless-steel sleeve with PTFE gasket. Quartz window available as option (recommended for 633 and 670 nm excitation).
Length of the fiber optics5 m std. (option: up to 200 m)
Fiber configuration2 single fibers
Core of the fiber optics100 Ám (single excitation fiber),
200 Ám (measurement fiber)
Other configurations available, demand our data sheet in PDF format
Fiber optic connectorsAvailable with FC (std.) or SMA 905 connectors
Sampling headStainless-steel probe body, cylindrical probe head with removable immersion sleeve with quartz window with PTFE o-ring, overall dimensions 5/8" (15.8mm) diameter x 8" (230 mm) length,
Immersion length6" (152 mm)

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