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Fiber Optic Raman Probe for Process Applications

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The RFP-480 Raman probe has been developed for use under the most extreme of chemical conditions.
The patented principle of window adaptation ensures that the probe is constantly stable and virtually maintenance-free. This is achieved by completely isolating all the fibers and optics in the probe tip. The fused sapphire window is protected by the stainless steel alloy, Hastelloy C-276, which is almost temperature- and shock resistant. The RFP-430 Raman sensor can be connected to a laser and to a Raman spectrometer via standard fiber optic connectors. Two different fiberglass bundles with 19 and 7 individual fibers are available. The fiber leading to the laser has a core diameter of 100 Ám.

Please contact our application scientists to find out the optimal system configuration to suit your requirements.

Spectral range150 - 4000 (Raman shift)
Excitation wavelengths532, 632, 785 or 1064 nm
Focal distance (selectable)0 or 6 mm / 0.2", fixed by company
Viewed area diameter0.6 mm / 0.02"
Field depth, FWHM1.8 mm / 0.07"
Length of measuring head300 mm / 12"
Probe diameter19 mm / 0.8"
Maximum temperature at probe tip400░C / 750 ░F
Maximum pressure200 bar / 3000 psi
Probe materialWetted metal: Hastelloy C-276,
Window material: sapphire,
Window seal: permanent welded seal
using gold-coated Hastelloy-C ring
Fiber connectorType FC (other on request)
Fiber optic bundleFiber bundle of 19 or 7 x 100 Ám low OH fibers,
Numerical aperture: 0.26 mm / 0.01"
(6 illumination fibers, 1 receiving fiber)
Optical fiber length2 m / 6.6 ft (standard)

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