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High-temperature Reflection Probe for Transparent up to
Middle-scattering Media for Measurements in the VIS/NIR Range

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We have developed a VIS-IR probe for measurements in transparent to opake chemicals, as for example used in extruders. To comply with the hard conditions of an online-measurement as demanded by industry, the probes can withstand extremely high pressures, in extruders temperatures and diversion powers. Thus the probes guaranteed sustain pressures of up to 200 bar at a temperature of 650░C. At lower temperatures pressure sustainability increases to 600 bar at 20░C. We achieve this by a probe body of titanium alloy equipped with a sapphire window of 1 mm thickness. The measurements represent pressure sensors, so that the probes can be screwed into a standardized drilling. The optical elements in the probe body can easily be exchanged by simple screws. Thus, an adaptation to a new problem of measurement with different optical characteristics is easily possible.

The optical system has been arranged in rings. A 400 Ám fiber is therefore used as a transmitter and center fiber, too. The reflected light is collected by seven fibers of 200 Ám arranged in a ring around the center fiber. The diameter of the ring is designed to optimally reduce the internal diversion of light. Specially coated fibers combined with a special polishing permit the probes to withstand temperatures of more than 650░C. Transportation of light from its source to the transmission fiber is achieved by a 400 Ám fiber optic cable. We recommend a single 600 Ám fiber cable for light transportation to the analysis component. Connection is achieved with an SMA connector.

Should you have questions concerning the technical specification; our application scientists will be pleased to consult you.

SpecificationsReflection Probe HT
Recommended spectral rangeUV probe: 230 - 1060 nm
IR probe: 360 - 2500 nm
Max. permanent temperature range (probe tip)+600 ░C / 1100 psi
Max. pressure (probe tip)200 bar / 2900 psi

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