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getLight 1092 SET - Deuterium-Halogen Light Source for UV/VIS and NIR

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getLight 1092 SET Deuterium-Halogen Light Source

The getLight 1092 SET is a combined Deuterium and halogen light source, which can be used for UV/VIS/NIR applications. The getLight 1092 SET has a SMA905 connector to be used with fiber optic cables and bundles. For optimal coupling an adjustable focus lens assembly is included. The light source supplies a continuous spectrum with high efficiency and highest stability in the UV, visible and near-infrared range from 215-2000 nm.
The getLight 1092 SET was developed based on the shine-through principle, in which the halogen light is focused through a small diameter aperture in the deuterium bulb.
For pure UV applications the getLight-DS (only Deuterium) source is available.
The standard getLight 1092 SET light sources have a special UV longpass filter (>220nm) implemented to protect the fibers from solarizing. For applications that require a spectral range below 220 nm a Deep UV bulb is available, in which no UV longpass filter is included. For these Deep-UV measurements (from 190nm) the getLight-D(H)S-DUV may be ordered.
For all Deuterium Light Sources solarization resistant fibers (-SR) are recommended, for the DUV lamp special solarization resistant fibers (-SR) are required.
The output of the getLight 1092 SET is optimized for fibers(bundles) with a diameter up to 600 µm, for larger diameter fiber bundles the getLight 1092 SET SMA connector focal point can be manually adapted to uniformly fill a larger core diameter fiber cable or bundles.
In all getLight-Deuterium sources an integrated TTL-shutter and filter holder for filters of up to 50x50x6.5 mm are implemented.

Technical Details

SpecificationDeep UV Deuterium Deuterium Lamp Halogen Lamp
Wavelength Range 190-400nm 215-400nm 360-2000nm
Warm-up Time 30 min. 30 min. 20 min.
Lamp Power 78W / 0.75A 78W / 0.75A 5W /0.5A
Lamp Lifetime 1000 hrs 1000 hrs 1000 hrs
Stability 0,1% 0,1% 0,4%
Color Temperature - - 3000 K
Optical Power in 200 µm fiber11μmW7 μW43μW
Optical Power in 600 µm fiber72 μW 61μW 239 μW
Power consumption 90 Watt (190Watt for heating D-Lamp 4-5 sec.)
Power Requirements 85-264VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions / Weight 315 x 165 x 140 mm / ca 5 kg.

Spectral output getLight DS



Spectral output getLight 1092 SET<br>


The getLight 1092 SET is typically used for measurements where a high light intensity is needed.
We recommend our getLight 1092 SET for multi-purpose applications and especially for fluorescence- and reflection measurements.

UV/VIS - absorbance measurement

Should you have further questions concerning the technical specification; our application scientists will be pleased to consult you.
For the purpose of improvement, technical specifications are subject to change without notice. (09/2005)

Last change 06/27/2008
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