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SentroHead XE200 - Reflection measurement head with integrated Xenon light source

Request for information

For online measuremenst of reflectance in the UV/VIS range the SentroHead XE200 has been developed. This measurement head has an integrated Xenon light source. Due to this direct illumination a large spot diameter of 10mm and a high signal intensity would be reached. With this large spot the measurement of unhomogenous samples will be possible.

The reflected light will be detected by 7 fibers in a circle which have an angle of 6° to the illumination. A second internal channel will be used for the correction of the different intensities of the flashes. The SentroHead XE200 will be connected by a connection cable which have two fiber optical cables and the control cable inside. The connection cables is protected by a robust metal sleeve.

The robustness and the smart design allows an easy implementation to the process. The use in the laboratory is also possible without any limits.

- integrated xenon light source
- circular arrangement of fibers, angle of view 6°
- large measuring spot, 10 mm diameter
- Distance to sample 200 mm
- signal transfert by fiberoptics to the spectrometer
- supply with 12V direct voltage
- internal reference channel

Application examples:
- measuring on flat areas like wood, paper, metal, slides
- measuring on conveyor belts and stream coating systems

Technical specification
Principle of measurementPerpendicular illumination of the sample, detection of the reflection by 7 cicular positioned fibers in an angle of view of 6°
Wavelength range250 – 850 nm
Diameter of measurement spot ca. 10 mm
Distance to sample200 mm
Light sourceIntegrated Xenon light source
Referencingwith delivered white reference tile
Fiber connection2m fibers as standard, customized length on request
Fibers7 x 100µm HOH fibers, round cross section
Dimensions220 x 125 x 105 (L x B x H in mm)
Connector cablefiber for sample and reference, supply and trigger signal in one cable fiber cross section 400µm, SMA connector, ower supply 12V 0.7A, Trigger signal for initiation of flashes is required
included in deliveryReflectance probe SentroHead XE200, white reference tile Spectralon, connecting cables

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