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getLight-XE - Xenon Pulsed Light Source with Fiber Optic Connection for UV/VIS Spectroscopy

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The getLight-XE xenon pulsed light source is used for UV-applications such as fluorescence measurements.
The light source can be triggered through a 15-pole Sub-D connector to synchronize the flashes with the data taken by a spectrometer, for example. The lamp needs an extra PS12-1.25 A 12 VDC power converter.
Advantage: In nearly continuous operation the life of pulsed light sources is higher than the life of deuterium-halogen light sources.

Should you wish more information on how to use getLight-XE, please do not hesitate to call for our application scientists.

NEW: Xenon pulsed light source for deep UV applications - our getLight-DUV!! For using in the range from 160 to1000 nm.

Power output (max.)39 µJ pro Impuls (averaged 3,9 mW)
Power output in 600 µm fiber1,8 µJ pro Impuls (gemittelt180 µW)
Synchronization input15 pin sub D connector, TTL level
Pulse duration5 µs
Pulse delay6 µs
Pulse rate (max.)100 Hz
Bulb lifeMin. 109 pulses
Spectral output getLight-XE
Spectr. output getLight-XE-DUV
200 nm - 1000 nm
160-1000 nm
Fiber optic connectionSMA 905 connector
Power requirement12 VDC/1 A (12 W)
Dimensions175 mm x 110 mm x 44 mm

Spectral output of XE-2000

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