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getProbe DR – diffuse reflectance probe

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  • Special optical design to avoid influence of specular reflected light
  • FDA approved materials
  • High signal throughput in the NIR range
  • Sapphire window
  • Sapphire shrunk to the probe (option)
  • Heating option avoids material sticking at the window
  • Optical design with high linearity and low background signal

Fields of application
  • Measurement of scattering materials e.g. powder, liquids, pastes, emulsions
  • Granulation monitoring in pharmaceutical industry
  • PAT processes in chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry

The getProbe DR is dedicated for measurements at high scattering materials. Typical applications are moisture measurements and / or composition of granules, powders, pastes or solids.
It can be easily installed in dryer systems or homogenizers. The optical design of the Probe ensures a measurement of diffuse reflected light and avoids influences on specular reflections.
The probe is manufactured from materials which are approved by the FDA or by other regulatory authorities. Its shrunk sapphire window allows applications even in pharmaceutical industries such as granulation monitoring processes.

Optical window

One highlight of this probe is an optional heating which could be implemented into the probe dip. This serves as an ideal protection against sample sticking and false measurement results for, especially, powders or pastes disposing of high moisture levels. Due to low power consumption the heated probe might even be installed in hazardous areas (zone 1).
The length of the fibre optic cables fixed to the probe could be configured according to specific applications. These fibres are perfectly protected by stainless steel hoses covered with polymers. Due to this combination the fibres are protected against mechanical or chemical damages.

Technical Specification

Usable wavelength range380 – 2200nm
Sample DistanceMeasurement direct at the window
Spot Diameterapprox. 3mm
Internal FibresVIS/NIR fibres
6x400µm for illumination, 1x400µm for detection
Fibre connectionFSMA905
Fiber length*2m protected by a stainless steel hose
MaterialProbe body: Polished stainless steel 1.4301, Ra<0.2
Window: Sapphire
Sealing: Epoxy (optional brazed window)
Dimensions*Probe length: 500mm
Probe diameter: 20mm
Scope of Deliveryincl. diffuse reflecting white standard
*) other specifications on request

Connection flange or Swagelok adaptations are also available.

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