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getProbe-TRM-NIR-Dynisco – Transmission probe for inline measurements at extruders

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  • Rugged design thanks to sapphire
  • High mechanical and chemical robustness
  • Direct fixing to extruders due to Dynisco thread l

  • Inline-NIR spectroscopy at extruders
  • PAT processes in chemical and food industry
  • Analysis of fluids and solids in processes

Technical Specification

ParameterDescription / Specification
Measuring principleTransmission
Wavelength range400-2500nm
Beam diameter2-3 mm
Probetitanium alloy (TiAl6V4)
Probe length220mm (without LWL)
Probe diameter13mm
Process connection½“ 20 UNF (Dynisco thread)
Maximum temperature300°C
Maximum pressure200bar
Fiber optic cable1 x 400µm, Type LOH
length 3m, fixed to probe
Fiber connectionFSMA905

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