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getSpec-2048-COOL - peltier cooled UV/VIS/NIR spectrograph

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The getSpec-2048-COOL is a special version of the getSpec-2048, where the Sony 2048 CCD detector is mounted on a one-stage Peltier cooling device. This Peltier cooling element can reduce the temperature of the CCD chip by ca. 30 degrees C, improving the dynamic range by at least a factor of 10. As an additional benefit from the cooling the dark noise is reduced by a factor of 2-3. The above features enable the getSpec-2048-COOL to be implemented in low light-level applications, such as fluorescence and Raman measurements, where integration times of more than 5 seconds are needed. The getSpec-2048-COOL is built into a desktop housing, has a cooling fan to actively ventilate the heat sink of the Peltier cooling element and an internal power supply.

Product TypeSpectral RangeOptical ResolutionSlit SizeApplication
getSpec-2048-COOL-UV/NIR200 - 1100 nm0.8 nm FWHM10 ÁmPlasma detection
getSpec-2048-COOL-VIS/NIR300 - 900 nm8 nm FWHM200 ÁmFluorescence analysis
getSpec-2048-COOL-NIR780 - 1100 nm0.7 nm FWHM25 ÁmRaman spectroscopy

Technical Specification*:

Peltier cooling element:one stage cooled, up to 30░C from ambiant temperature
Time to stabilize:1 - 2 minutes
Improvement of dynamic range if integration time > 5 s:> Factor 10
Reduction of dark noise if integration time > 5 s:> Factor 2 -3
Internal power supply for cooling device:approx. 3 V, 4 A
External power requirements:85 - 264 VAC, 30 W
Dimensions:310 x 235 x 135 mm
* further details at the getSpec-2048 basic version page

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