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OOIBase32 - 32-Bit Spectrometer Operating Software

Software features
  • Spectroscopic measurements such as absorbance, reflectance and emission
  • Users can display and save data as ASCII files or in the native GRAMS/32 SPC format
  • Automatic Peakfinder
  • Display of wavelength and FWHM
  • Automatic save of spectras (Data logging)
  • Wavelength calibration with Hg-Ar-Light source
  • Drift correction
  • Time Acquisition Modus
  • Spectra overlaying
  • Print of spectra and copy spectral data into other software such as Excel and Word
  • Time-normalization (allows users to designate separate integration times for reference and sample scans)
  • Dark signal correction, stray light correction, boxcar pixel smoothing, Signal averaging

Applications software packages
  • OOIBase32 Platinum (OOIBase32 with embedded Visual Basic for Applications-compatible scripting language)
  • OOIColor application software for color measurement
  • OOIIrrad application software for irradiance measurement
  • OOIIrrad-C application software for absolute irradiance and color measurement

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