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Spec32 - Operating software for's NIR spectrometers

Functions and Features
  • Measurements in Scope- (raw data is acquired), Absorbance-, Transmittance- and Irradiance-Mode
  • Save data as ASCII files or in the native GRAMS/32 SPC format
  • Display of wavelength and Full Width half maximum (FWHM)
  • Automatic spectra saving (Data logging)
  • Automatic wavelength calibration with external Hg-AR light source
  • Drift correction
  • Time Acquisition Modus
  • Overlaying of spectras
  • Wavelength interpolation
  • Manual or automatic setting of intergartion time
  • Trigger-Mode: Trigger Control (internal, external), Buffer Control, Detektor Clocking Mode
  • Application: Peak detection, functions (1st and 2nd derivation, smoothing), color measurements CIE, Lab, Color Rendering Index, Verification of Hg and Xe lines

Additional software packages
  • CDI-DLL 32
  • CDI-LabViewVi
  • CDI-Active X Control with Grams /My Instrument Interface

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