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getSoft - Spectrometer acquisition software for getSpec-2048 devices

getSoft features - full version
  • Simultaneous, synchronized measurements with a variety of different configured spectrometers
  • Different integration times or averaging setting per channel, still start each scan simultaneously for all synchronized channels
  • Different detector types, suche as UV/VIS and NIR detectors possible to cover a wide wavelength range with one spectrometer system
  • Measurement in scope-, absorbance-, transmittance, or relative irradiance mode
  • Display and save of spectras in spc-file or ASCII-file
  • Automatic Peakfinder
  • Display of wavelength and FWHM
  • Automatic Save Spectra periodically (Data logging)
  • Automatic Wavelength calibration if using a Hg-Ar-Light source
  • Drift correction
  • Convert spectras to J-CAMP files for use in GRAMS
  • Autoconfigure of integration time

Software add-ons:
  • getSoft Application Chemometrie
  • getSoft Application Color
  • getSoft Application Irradiance
  • getSoft Application Export to Excel

Featured software packages:
  • getSoft DLL Package Interface
  • getSoft Thinfilm
  • getSoft Raman
  • getSoft Fiber Optic Multiplexer Control

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