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GRAMS AI - Creation of calibration models for chemometric measurements

  • suited for MS Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • macro programming
  • creation of spectra data bases
  • large mathematic functions for spectra treatment and evaluation
  • exportation / importation of different file formats (i.e. SPC, ASCII, JCAMP, Lotus, etc.)
  • record and display of data
  • spectra comparison
  • implementation / control of various spectrometer systems (UV/VIS, fluorescence, FT-IR, NMR, etc.) even HPLC facilities

GRAMS/AI is a comprehensive data processing and data management software package that can work with data files from multiple techniques including UV, UV/VIS, IR, FT-IR, NIR, NMR, LC, GC, HPLC, DAS, CE, Mass Spec, and Raman
GRAMS/AI’s advanced data processing capabilities and its ability to handle all types of spectral and chromatographic data from virtually any analytical instrument set the industry standard in scientific software. The new AI version introduces many improvements includingan enhanced user interface and a collection of updated processing routines based on Microsoft’s ActiveX technology.

Software AddOn: PLSplus
PLSplus/IQ includes powerful multivariate analysis tools for building quantitative calibrations as well as qualitative models for discriminant analysis. In fact qualitative and quantitative methods can be linked together to provide a complete spectroscopic model of your samples. PLSplus/IQ also includes calibration transfer capabilities allowing calibrations to be moved from instrument to instrument. This GRAMS/AI PlusPack is the complete solution for analysts looking to apply chemometric calibrations in the laboratory and on the production line.

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